Under Oil & Gas Products Sector RMPL represents the following Principals:

Balmoral Offshore Engineering

A division of Balmoral Comtec Ltd which is wholly owned by Balmoral Group Holdings Ltd, a privately owned company headquartered in Aberdeen, UK. The company has been providing solutions to the offshore oil and gas, seismic, renewable energy and marine industries since 1980.

With a solid foundation in engineered polymer and elastomer design/manufacturing, Balmoral Offshore Engineering provides the international energy, oceanography and defence sectors with a range of products from cable and flowline protection to surface and deepwater buoyancy.

In-house laboratory, hydrostatic and mechanical testing facilities enable the company to research and identify cost effective materials across a spectrum of applications.

From surface navigation buoyancy to full ocean depth, Balmoral products, including thermal insulation, rigid and distributed riser, ROV/AUV and subsurface buoyancy through to elastomer cable protectors, bend restrictors, stiffeners, clamps and riser protection guards, are in use around the world.

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MFX do Brazil

MFX is the pioneer company in Brazil in manufacturing subsea umbilical cables used in the offshore oil production process and thermoplastic high pressure hoses. Since its foundation in 1982, MFX has effectively responded to the agreed commitments demonstrating respect and focus on people and market involved, on customer compliance and on quality of its products and services.

Constantly aware of the market demands and its customer’ specific needs, MFX invests permanently in Research and Development with the support of national and international consultants.

MFX manufactures customized hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, injection, optical and power umbilicals able to perform activities in wells located in water depths up to 3,000 meters. Over 1,500 km of umbilicals have already been produced by MFX.

In addition to umbilicals, MFX develops, designs, manufactures, assembles, and installs all the accessories necessary to the umbilical installation and use.

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Nautronix Marine Technology Solutions

Nautronix is an international company specialising in through water communication, positioning technology and Survey Services for the global offshore oil and gas industry. The company is headquartered in Scotland, with sales offices in the US, Brazil and Norway.

Nautronix remains a world-leader in supplying advanced underwater acoustic systems, which employ their unique Acoustic Digital Spread Spectrum (ADS²) technology to provide world-leading subsea communications and positioning capability. Our current product portfolio includes:

Nautronix has state-of-the-art testing facilities, which ensures all our products go through a rigorous testing programme prior to delivery to customers. We also have a dedicated training facility, offering classroom training with hands-on equipment demonstrations for all of our product lines.

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Oil States Industries

Oil States Industries, a subsidiary of Oil States International, is headquartered in Arlington, Texas, USA, with locations in 11 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1942 as a molded elastomer company. The group specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales and service of subsea pipeline connection and repair Products.

Products range from shallow water diver-assist pipeline repair products to advanced deep and ultra-deepwater diverless pipeline equipment utilizing ROV interfaces.

Oil States has installed more than 6,000 subsea pipeline products worldwide, from simple clamps to highly complex diverless connection, repair and tie-in systems.

Records established by its products include a diverless pipeline repair at 2,700 ft. and a diverless pipeline connection at a depth of 7,375 ft. Oil States Industries diverless emergency pipeline repair system operates at depths to 10,000 ft.

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